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Research, facilitation, co-production


I am post-doc researcher in the fields of water governance, knowledge co-production, collaborative practices and social-ecological systems.


I am a trained facilitator with experience on participatory processes, co-creation and collaborative governance, and always willing to learn and improve my skills.


I strongly believe that the most pressing challenges of our time can only be addressed through democratizing knowledge and policy generation.

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Conversatorio sobre conflictos ambientales con María Mancilla y Juanma Zaragoza

El Laboratorio Filosófico sobre Pandemia y Antropoceno, con la coordinación de mi admirado Juan M. Zaragoza, ha organizado una serie de debates sobre participación ciudadana y conflictos, mis topics favoritos :). A lo largo de varias sesiones de 20 min han conversado con personas de México, Chile y España sobre distintos mecanismos de participación social […]

Ways of Feeling Floods

The EbroResilience Strategy is a collaborative governance framework for improving flood risk management in the Ebro River Basin. It is a rare case in Spain, not only because of the active involvement of 5 public administrations, but also for the innovative approach to flood risk management beyond grey solutions. Moreover, it is a highly participatory […]

Gender & Diversity in academic organisations

This seminar was organised as part of BC3 Equality program. The program aims to promote more diverse and inclusive academic practices at our center. The two talks by @federica_ravera/Irene Iniesta and @AnaGalarraga1 were very complementary and provided relevant insights on how to incorporate violet lens in scientific research and communication. It run in Spanish but […]