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Research, facilitation, co-production


I am post-doc researcher in the fields of water governance, knowledge co-production, collaborative practices and social-ecological systems.


I am a trained facilitator with experience on participatory processes, co-creation and collaborative governance, and always willing to learn and improve my skills.


I strongly believe that the most pressing challenges of our time can only be addressed through democratizing knowledge and policy generation.

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Why uncertainty matters in environmental degradation?

Our latest paper analyzes the narratives and uncertainty surrounding the dispute over the overfertilization of the Mar Menor lagoon in Spain. Harmful algal blooms, dead zones, and fish kills are the results of eutrophication – a process that occurs when the environment becomes enriched with nutrients, mostly nitrogen and phosphorous, increasing the amount of plant…

¿Una asamblea multi-especies para el Mar Menor?

En los primeros meses de 2023 ha tenido lugar un curso muy especial coordinado por Juan Manuel Zaragoza de la Universidad de Murcia. Su título, ‘Herramientas de participación ciudadana en procesos de transición ecosocial. El caso del Mar Menor’. Su programa, una innovadora composición de sesiones sobre cómo describir, representar y participar en la transición…

2023: Starting Ramón y Cajal Fellowship

Happy new year! This is a very special moment for me because I am shifting from a 3 year position as Juan de la Cierva to a 5 year position as Ramón y Cajal Junior Fellow… It might not seem such a bit leap, but it means a world to me. First, it means leaving…