Violeta Cabello

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Research, facilitation, co-production


I am post-doc researcher in the fields of water governance, knowledge co-production, collaborative practices and social-ecological systems.


I am a trained facilitator with experience on participatory processes, co-creation and collaborative governance, and always willing to learn and improve my skills.


I strongly believe that the most pressing challenges of our time can only be addressed through democratizing knowledge and policy generation.

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Seminar on Gender & Diversity in academic organisations

This seminar was organised as part of BC3 Equality program. The program aims to promote more diverse and inclusive academic practices at our center. The two talks by @federica_ravera/Irene Iniesta and @AnaGalarraga1 were very complementary and provided relevant insights on how to incorporate violet lens in scientific research and communication. It run in Spanish but […]

Quantitative Storytelling: Science, Narratives, and Uncertainty in Nexus Innovations

Our collective reflection after four year research in the @MAGIC_NEXUS project has finally been published (open preprint: This was a slow and careful science process. We took the time to think together, to cross-analyse our different experiences with the Quantitative Storytelling approach (QST) and to let new insights and learning emerge. I wish I […]

Slides from the conference on sociohydrology

Last september I attended the very exciting Delft International Cnference on Socio-hydrology. I was surprised by the interest in interdisciplinary water studies, the deepness of discussions in this direction, and the incredible online-offline setting. My talk was entitled ‘Eutrophication as an opportunity for multispecies water justice’. I drawed on the work of Alix Levain et […]