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Research, facilitation, co-production


I am post-doc researcher in the fields of water governance, knowledge co-production, collaborative practices and social-ecological systems.


I am a trained facilitator with experience on participatory processes, co-creation and collaborative governance, and always willing to learn and improve my skills.


I strongly believe that the most important social-ecological challenges of our time can only be addressed through democratizing knowledge and policy production.

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Enfocando el Mar Menor (I): ¿dónde están los agricultores?

A principios de abril viajé por primera vez al Mar Menor. Había escuchado tanto en los últimos años a través de la prensa, leído tanto en los últimos meses desde que inicié mi investigación en enero, que cuando llegué no pude más que sorprenderme de la belleza y armonía que percibí. Es Mar Menor comparado […]

Effective groups

I recently used the effective groups model (Escorihuela, 2015) for the first time in a facilitation. The goal was to diagnose the situation of a collective of artists regarding their internal organization. This framework helps visualizing the different pillars in an organization (Results, People, Processes) and highlighting the importance of balance between them. I especially […]

New publication: Quantitative Story-Telling of alternative water resources

I am happy to start the new year by sharing a cherished paper I have been working on along this pandemic year, now available in Sustainability Science. We take a procesual perspective to explain the methodological operationalization of the Quantitative Story-Telling approach in a case study in two of the Canary Islands. We describe the […]